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PRT Truss is a versatile truss structure to carry moving heads permanently. No more flight cases and truss separate in your storage nor in your truck. It saves not only space but also guarantees less set up time and saves labor cost. It is the ultimate stackable space and cost saver for touring. The Pre Rig Truss has a cool feature and that is the counter positioning nut at the fork connector enabling you a perfect fitting and angling it for corners etc.

The truss has fixed cross bracing in the sides and on the top side straight braces and a linear tube for centric positioning of the lights. The truss can be stacked with the dolly. The stackable dollies are adjustable in height by using telescopic legs and enables one person to do the stacking, tipping and inserting the legs. Eurotruss developed an unique and ultimate dolly allowing you to work fast, safe and with less people. Also the dolly is rigid so no more tipping over truss destroying your expensive and precious light fixtures. There is no point investing in pre rig truss if the dolly is not designed to do the job. The ultimate Pre Rig Truss for Professionals on a Tour!

  • Touring truss for pre-adjusting Moving Lights
  • Movable and stackable
  • Saving trucking volume, time and labor cost
  • Gentle fork connection
  • Dollies have telescopic legs
  • Two types of dollies available: stackable and folding
  • TüV approved
  • incl. dolly (in silver)

Technical data

Available lenght 1,2m, 2,4m 
Colors black

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