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The TTU is the stronger version of the TT pre rig truss by upgrading the main tube from 60mm to 80mm (from 2,36 inch upgrade to 3,15 inch and power up the connector but maintain the same design, the same Centre to Centre dimensions which allows you to have the possibility to use TTU in combination with the standard TT and the standard TT Sleeve Blocks, Tower Parts and standard Corners. The outside dimensions are slightly bigger due to the increased main tube and the self weight grows with 5kg per meter (3,35 lbs per ft) up to a reasonable 30kg per meter (20 lbs per ft). The attractive feature is that with the TTU we developed a stronger pre rig with an enormous higher load bearing capacity which increased with 35%-40% compared to the standard TT. The result shows that the TTU is just more than an upgraded TT, it is an amazing Pre Rig Truss to line up with the TT Range in Truss, Towers and Roofs. The TTU is standard equipped with grey castor wheel sets.

Technical data

Height 1030 mm
Width 600 mm
Weight 30 kg/m

Available lenght

1,2m, 2,4m, 3,0m
Colors silver

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