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B100RV Series truss is constructed of main tubes (60 x 6 mm) and diagonals (48 x 3 mm). Equipped with the CCS7 conical coupling system, the B100RV truss is fast and easy to assemble. Due to its 4-sided webbing the B100RV truss can absorb vertical as well as horizontal loads, which make sit ideal for outdoor or 3 dimensional structures. Standard equipped with a set of castors, the truss is easy to transport and stack, and clever pin orientation makes the assembly fool proof. B100RV truss is available in triangular and square profiles and a range of corners and accessories. Special parts and MPT Tower Systeme.

Technical data

Available lenght

1,2 m, 2,0m, 3,0m

+ Special orders, MPT Tower Systeme

Colors silver / black

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